Dayton Retractable Awnings – Kettering, Centerville, Beavercreek

SunSetter Model 1000XT and 900XT Awnings

The elegance of a lateral arm-style awning without the cost of motorization...

The first choice of most SunSetter Owners who choose an XT model, because for just $150 more than the smaller Model 900XT, the Model 1000XT extends out a full 10 ft. 2 in. from your house, adding up to 23 square feet to your coverage and protection. The Model 1000XT requires no electricity. It opens and closes easily in less than a minute, using a simple hand crank that operates smoothly and quietly. It features support arms that can be positioned vertically on the deck or patio floor, or angled back against your house wall. It has floor and wall mounting plates, fabric self tensioning, and easy adjustable pitch for rain runoff. It even comes with pre-drilled holes to make accessory attachment a breeze. Excellent sun and rain protection. All in all, a terrific value. Available in Traditional Laminated Fabric only. Optional Screen Room available.

If you have a small deck or patio, or if you only wish to protect part of a larger deck or patio, the Model 900XT is for you. Perfect for people with tight budgets who still want the quality and value of a SunSetter. It is identical to the Model 1000XT except for size and coverage. When fully extended the Model 900XT extends out 9 ft. from your home. For greater coverage for just $150 more, choose the Model 1000XT. Optional Screen Room available.

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